Spring Break Carry On

Hello Everyone,

At the end of this week I will be on SPRING BREAK! Thank goodness! I am just ready to relax and not have to worry about any classes. Too bad I have a few essays, a book to read, a quiz, and some extra credit to do over break! 😦 As long as I get to sleep in my own bed I am good though! If you’re in college and on spring break, chances are you probably are traveling somewhere. Whether it be on a plane or in a car you probably have a bag packed full of things to keep you occupied along the way.

Here is what I would pack in my carry on bag:



Nothing too special. Just my laptop, cell phone, a couple snacks, a notebook, magazines, and my makeup bag with my charger, wallet, and touch up items in. It all would be put into my super bright back pack pictured below!

pack packThat is just what I would pack in my travel carry on bag.In the comments below, leave a comment saying what you need in your travel carry on! Have an awesome spring break and I will talk to you all again Tuesday! 🙂




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