Bowling, Tumblr, and College Fun

Hello Guys,

I decided that today I would write about a few things that have been going around school! 🙂 I never write random updates anymore so I thought it was time to bring them back!

Last Tuesday, my roommate Caity and I made dinner for all of our guy friends. I can definitely say that after that experience we appreciate the time and effort our moms put into getting meals on the table. We made a spaghetti  supper for nine with garlic bread and pizza crescent rolls! Even though making it was difficult, it was so much fun to cook it all, and our friends really appreciated it. They were all so nice and said that they loved it! 🙂 Our supper was a success and we plan on doing another supper soon! 

Pizza roll ups

Last Friday, my boyfriend and I went bowling at a local bowling alley! I had so much fun even though I am a terrible bowler! I think I was laughing the entire time over my insane amount of gutter balls. But Sam did really well, and he won every round of bowling. It is nice to get off campus every once in a while and do something fun! 🙂 Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 3.16.09 PM

I have been having a lot of fun this semester so far. Other than hanging out with friends I have recently discovered a new love for Tumblr. As if I needed a new website to occupy my time. Basically what a Tumblr is a website where you share multimedia content. You have your own page and it kind of reminds me a little of Pinterest. Anyway, check out my page and create your own if you like! I’d love to follow some of you! 🙂 

Check out my Tumblr page here, as well as all my other social media links. Go subscribe to my youtube channel (for Wednesday Videos), my twitter (for random postings), and Instagram! 🙂 I hope you all are having a fantastic day!



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