In need of Routine

Hello Guys,

While all of my friends are going back to school I am still on my university’s Winter Break. To be honest I am more than ready to go back! I mean don’t get me wrong I have loved not being in school and having all this free time. But I am craving routine in my life again. I am one of those people who love having a schedule and when I have break from that routine I honestly don’t know what to do with myself.

BUT tomorrow I am going to school to pick up my books and bringing some stuff to my dorm! I am really looking forward to this semesters classes, and dreading a few of my grammar classes! 😦  I also want to apologize for the lack of postings as of late. I have been lacking inspiration lately and just have been  neglecting the blog. Leave a comment down below if you have some post ideas AND check out last wednesday’s video post! 🙂




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