Finals Tips



Hello Guys,

I am sorry that I hadn’t posted in a couple days but I was in the middle of my Universities’ finals week. To be honest they were not as bad as I thought they would be, I was actually pretty relaxed the entire time. But a lot of my friends got super stressed out and worried. Thank goodness I haven’t taken those classes yet. It is easy to get caught up in the stress of things but I have a few tips to make things a little easier!

1. Get lots of sleep:

Sleep is never a bad thing especially when finals are on the mind. If you aren’t worried about cramming tons of information into your memory. Take a little break, take a nap, and recharge.

2. Take breaks:

When I am studying for things I tend to study and take a few breaks in between study sessions. I get bored easily, especially when I’m studying. In order for me to have a successful study session, I need to be able to take breaks and do something I enjoy then come back to the books later.

3. Look over your notes:

Notes are there for a reason. Look at ’em, make sure when your teacher is going over the final to take notes of what they are saying to study for. Highlight areas that you need to focus on, and maybe make some note cards.


Self explanatory. Depending on what class you have you might be studying all night. Especially if you have been putting off studying for a few weeks (Don’t do this). Get some caffeinated drinks, a mixture of healthy and junk foods, and get ready to study.  What got me through finals week was Pepsi, Naked Juice, and Cheetos. #wedontjudge

5. Don’t freak out:

Take some deep breaths. Just keep calm, finals are very important but freaking out about them won’t make them any easier!


I hope you guys enjoyed this post! 🙂 Leave a comment below and let me know what you would like to see next!



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