It’s never too early: Girl Gifts

Hello Everyone,

It has been a while since I posted one of these gift guides, and since the holiday season is upon us I thought it was time for the next installment of my gift giving series. I have already tackled the task of gift guides for Parents and Grandparents so I thought it was time to write one for the girls in your lives. Whether it be a friend, girlfriend, or sister sometimes girls can be a little hard to shop for. I have included pictures with links to where you can buy these gifts as well as reasons why you should buy these things. I realize that not every girl will enjoy these but I tried to include things that a variety of girls would appreciate. So, without further a due, I give you the Gift Guide for Girls.

For a Friend:

Friend re 1FRIEND 2

When I am with my friends there is always someone who’s phone is about to die. The first gift I have put is a portable iPhone charger, if your friend ever is in need of a battery charge she can just whip it out of her purse and get an extra boost. This gift is perfect for your techy friends or girls who are always traveling. Secondly I have a value set. What girl doesn’t love makeup? I know that most of my friends would love this. Around the holidays Sephora always puts out value sets with samples of tons of different products. Make sure you ask your friend if she would like a makeup set though, some of us can be very picky.

For a Girlfriend/Fiancée/ Wife: 

GIRLFRIEND 1Girlfriend 3_Fotor

For starters, when you are shopping for your girlfriend buy something sentimental. The first item I have put up is a locket that you write a little cute secret message and put it inside. I, personally, would love this because it is really cute and something that comes from the heart. Anytime you want to really make your girlfriend happy, all you have to do is make the gift personal. Secondly I have perfume. You can never go wrong with this, my advice is to pick a perfume that you like. That way you know you will actually like the way your girlfriend smells.

For a Sister:

Sister 1Sister 2

Last but not least we are talking about sisters. The first gift I have is a cheeky pair of mittens. I think mittens, or any wintery accessory, is a really thoughtful gift around the holidays. If I had a sister, I would definitely buy these gloves. They are super cute and the description says that they are good quality and warm. Secondly, I have chocolate. What girl doesn’t LOVE chocolate? On Amazon I searched for “Milka” chocolate because this brand is honestly the best chocolate brand out there. If you haven’t tried these chocolates definitely give them a try!

Hopefully you all found this post to be helpful. Again, these are just things that I think would be really good gifts but obviously different girls have different tastes. I apologize that this wasn’t a Wednesday Video, but I really didn’t have time to film one this week. Leave a comment down below giving me video ideas for next Wednesday! Thank you so much for reading and have a great Thanksgiving! 🙂



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