Harry Potter’s World Famous Frozen Butterbeer: DIY


Hello Everyone,

As some of you may recall I had visited Harry Potter World this past summer! Whilst being there, there were many amazing treats to sample. One of them being the ever famous “Butterbeer” mentioned as tasting of “sickly butterscotch” in the Harry Potter Series. It is simply delicious, if you’re a fan of butterscotch of coarse! This Butterbeer tastes exactly like the one you can purchase at the Harry Potter Theme Park, it is so simple and refreshing.Today I present to you a DIY on how to make your very own Butterbeer. Let’s get started shall we? (SIDE NOTE) Let me tell you, if you have not been there yet and are a major Harry Potter fan, you absolutely need to go. If you want to read about my Harry Potter World experience, click on the link! 🙂

What you will need:


Butterscotch toppings, Whip Cream, Three cans of your favorite cream soda, and an ice cream maker.

First Step:


Follow the instructions of how to work your ice cream maker then pour in your cream sodas into the chamber.

Second Step:


Add to the cream soda a generous pour of butterscotch topping. Make sure that it is well combined into the soda other wise the butterscotch will sink to the bottom and not incorporate into the drink.

Third Step:

DSC_0088 DSC_0091

Let the butterbeer keep mixing until it is slushy. The picture on the right shows that the Butterbeer is still not ready. Also, don’t let it go too long otherwise it will freeze to the sides of your machine (not good).

Step Four:


When it finally gets to the right slushy consistency, pour your Butterbeer into the glasses of your choice and move onto step five! 🙂

Step Five:

DSC_0094  DSC_0098

Pour some butterscotch topping into a little mixing bowl and add some whip cream to it. Grab a whisk and start mixing the two together into a frothy topping. ALSO, you can use heavy whipping cream instead of using pre-made whip cream, it tastes the same. I just thought it would be easier to go the “lazy way” with the pre-made stuff! No one will be able to tell the difference! 😉

Step Six:


Top your Butterbeer with your butterscotch whipped cream.



This recipe is a special treat for all the Harry Potter nerds out there. REPRESENT! 😉 Perfect for a movie marathon or a nice way to cool off in the HOT Florida weather if you decide to try the original. I hope you enjoyed this DIY, comment down below on what things you would like to see in the future. I love getting comments from you guys and I always respond. See you on Wednesday! 🙂



7 thoughts on “Harry Potter’s World Famous Frozen Butterbeer: DIY

    • It is very easy and so yummy! Going to Harry Potter World was definitely one of the best days ever! It is a must see for any die-hard fan! 🙂 It’s like the “mecca” if you will of Harry Potter in America!

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