World Usability Day


Hey Everybody,

HAPPY WORLD USABILITY DAY!! Oh wait, you don’t know what that is? Let me explain, World Usability Day is the day where we work towards making technology more user friendly and accessible to the general public. The World Usability Day website states “In order to humanize a world that uses technology as an infrastructure for education, healthcare, government, communication, entertainment, work, and other areas, we must agree to develop technologies in a way that serves people first.” In November 2005, World Usability Day was started in order to make a change for the better. Not only can technology companies change the way we use technology, but consumers and developers can too. Anyone can make a change and our actions can shape the world of technology.

Since 2005, many people have changed the way we think about communication, health care, education, and transportation. This one day gives people the opportunity to create new ideas. I am a Professional Communications and Emerging Media major (PCEM) so World Usability Day gives me a day to think about how I can change technology. Personally, I have a focus on journalism, so I think that I can change the way we entertain and communicate with each other. Bringing information to my audience that is interesting as well as fun, hopefully, entertains my readers. I would eventually like to have some type of writing outlet where my readers can interact with each other. This goal of mine will take time, I will have to develop a website that is easy to use and that is constantly kept up to the growing trends in technology.

In order to have a successful website, blog, or social media site you need to be open to changing for the better. I think today has given me some time to think about where I want to take my future career. Right now I am just starting my writing career and I can’t wait to see what changes by the time I get out to the real world.

Thank you for reading, comment down below on changes that you think I should make to my blog. I’ll see you all tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “World Usability Day

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  2. Reblogged this on jessicatheuerl and commented:
    I came across this gem of a post while paroozing around. I found this post extremely exciting. I always hear of these so-called days of “celebration” where you get to talk like a pirate for the day, or national doughnut day, or my favorite, kick a ginger day (I date a ginger and am also considered one by friends and family).

    Finally I found a day I actually have a care for. Happy World Usability Day everyone! A day dedicated to one of my favorite things on the planet, usability. The sheer fact that there is only one day dedicated to the movement of technical change is somewhat depressing. But regardless I will take it as a day to mark in my calendar every year! I assure you world, you might only focus on usability for one day, but I have made it part of my every day life!

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