Hey Everyone,

These past two months have been nothing short of a major adjustment. I guess that I never really thought it would be that big of a change. My thinking was “I’m just moving into a new place, going to a new school, and not knowing a single person other than my boyfriend, it won’t be that hard”. Let me tell you, going to college has definitely been the biggest challenge in my life. But, I’ve realized a few things that can definitely make the transition a little easier.

Personally, I have a really hard time making friends. It takes a lot for me to actually open up to people and trust someone enough to have them as friends. I’ve been burned a lot in the friendship department in my life whether it has been someone taking advantage of me or just not putting as much effort into the friendship as I have. When I came to school I was already the odd man out because I have no intention of drinking or partying. Right away I was labeled as “boring” and it’s been really hard trying to make friends that actually respect my values. My advice, stay true to who you are. Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing and just follow your gut. You are the only person in control of your life.

I knew class work here would be a lot more challenging then high school, but I had no idea how much professors genuinely don’t care if you succeed or not. I get stressed out a lot about homework and tests, but what normal person doesn’t? I’m paying so much to go here, I want to do the best I can all the time. The first month and even now still, I was so focused on trying to make everyone proud of me that I lost sight in who I am as a person. I lost the fun side of me that I love. I started to get really angry at really stupid stuff and I wish I could take it all back. I realized not to long ago how much I was messing things up in my life that I had worked so hard to get, and I decided to make a huge change. Now, I am still trying hard to do well, but schoolwork is not my entire life. I am so much more happy now that I am just relaxing about everything and am working on being the person I used to be.

As for moving to a new place, it has been really exciting. I have never moved in my life, so getting “my own place” has been really exciting. At the same time it has also been stressful. For one thing your dorm is not really just your dorm. If you just want to be alone you can’t just go to your own room and shut the door. But there are ways to make the best of it. If I ever just need to just be by myself I just go on a quick little walk, cool down, and go back to the dorm. I also get lonely sometimes, I really miss seeing my parents everyday. But when I do go home I really appreciate the time that I am with them.

Coming to college has been a challenge but I think that the hardest part is over and I am ready to just completely enjoy my new journey. I am grateful for the people who have stuck by my side through the hardest transitions this year. A big thank you goes out to my amazing boyfriend, awesome parents, and supportive family who have stuck with me and encouraged me to do the best I can. In closing, my advice is to stay true to who you are, make school a priority but don’t let it take over your life, and make the best out of your dorm situation. Take every day as it comes, and enjoy the journey.



2 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. Hi Hannah, I am proud of you! Going off to college is a big deal and there are a lot of adjustments. It seems that you have recognized some problem areas that you are dealing with. I do think that you have to take school work seriously because you don’t want to get behind. Too hard to catch up. You did have a couple of difficult years in HS with bullying so I understand your reluctance to trust. You have a lovely smile, don’t be afraid to meet new people and then trust your instincts as the friendship develops.

  2. These are some really good tips, and I am glad you brought up the fact that you were labeled as boring because you don’t drink or party. I hate being labeled and I am still learning to not let the labels others give me to go to my head or my heart. College has been difficult in some ways; I haven’t had the best luck with roommates. I am no stranger to being away from home, but I still have trouble opening up in a new environment. I really enjoyed your post and I wish you luck in the years to follow.

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