Its never too early: Grandparent Gifts

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to the second part to my “Its never too late” series. Today we will be focusing on the grandparents in our lives. We often take for granted their unconditional love, so lets all get them something they would enjoy. Again this is just what I would buy my grandparents so take this post as some ideas.

GRANDPA 1Grandpa 2

Knowing how much my grandpa loves to golf, I would have to give him some good golf balls and an indoor putting space. During the colder months, my grandpa travels to Florida to escape the snow and below 0 weather. He spends a lot of his time outside and golfing everyday, rain or shine. So golf gear would be the best option for him.

Grandma 1Grandma 2Grandma 3

Where my grandma lives it does get a little bit chillier than most states. I would get her a nice book, a cozy candle, and a comfy blanket to cuddle up with on the chilly winter nights. The book I have chosen for her was The Luminaries and was awarded the Man Booker Prize. My grandma deserves a little relaxation this Christmas season.

I hope this was somewhat helpful, again this is just a few things that I would buy my grandparents. What are some things that you would buy your grandparents this holiday season? 🙂



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