It’s never too early: Parent Gifts

Hey Everyone,

So, recently, I have started thinking about getting Christmas gifts for all the special people in my life. I thought it would be good to start. I will be starting a series on my blog that will be based on ideas or gifts for all your favorite people. Friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, parents, and grandparents, we will cover it all before the holiday season is upon us. Because in all honesty December 25th comes quicker than we think. Today I’ll be giving ideas on gifts for parents, the people who really just keep on giving. So, lets get to it! 🙂


I thought I would start off by saying that this is stuff that I would buy my parents. My dad loves to read historical fiction, so I would have to get him a new book for his continuously growing book collection. I would also add a few nice sweaters to his closet and maybe a pair of flannel PJ’s.


For my mom, I would buy her some nice north face jacket. My mom is always busy buying my brother and I clothes and rarely gets things for herself. The next gift I would get is a bath bomb from Lush. My mom loves taking baths and just relaxing so along with that I would get her one of her favorite books to just relax in the bath and read with.

These are a few things I would buy my parents, hopefully you all can take something away from this. What would you buy your parents for Christmas? 🙂



3 thoughts on “It’s never too early: Parent Gifts

  1. That book choice for your dad sounds really interesting! I might need to put it on my Amazon list (for a friend, of course! I’m the worst when it comes to buying stuff for myself when I should be shopping for others!)

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