Arrow Nail: DIY

Hey Everyone,

I was in the mood to do another DIY. I stumbled upon a cool nail tutorial on Pinterest and just HAD to try it. Just a little warning, it is a little time consuming but the end result is worth it. I hope you enjoy! 😉

NAIL ART NEEDS Here are the Items that you will need to create the arrow look. You will need: four nail colors that are significantly different but go together (if that makes sense), a top coat of your choice, some tape, and a pair of scissors to cut out the strips of tape you will be needing.

NAIL FUNN 1. Use the lightest of the four colors as your base coat. Cut two pieces of tape, try to cut the pieces as straight as you can. Then, place the two pieces of tape onto your nail making a triangle.

2. Now, paint on the next color inside the tape, paint INSIDE the lines.

3. Then you are going to want to remove your tape and let the polish completely dry BEFORE going on to step four.

4. Cut two skinny strips of tape. Place one strip down the middle of the triangle, then place the other on the outside if the triangle.

5. Again, taking a new polish paint INSIDE the lines you have created with tape. Then wait till it dries.

6. Cut out two pieces of tape and at the base of your triangle create a smaller triangle. Paint inside the lines with the darkest color of your four colors. Wait until it dries

Then put on  a top coat and that is the finished look. I hope you enjoyed this post. I did this on my roommate Liz and I only took one nail. I was so frustrated you have no idea, it was really time consuming but I think it is cool. So its worth it, right? 🙂 Anyway, have a great Monday. Unless you are a huge Packer fan and are watching the game, because its pretty hard to have a good day watching this disgrace! #getbettersoonrodgers If you guys would like to see more of these let me know.



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