Men’s & Women’s Jackets

Hey Everyone,

Now that it is starting to get closer to the colder months I thought it would be a good time to talk about jackets. If where live you tends to have a colder climate then this post is definitely for you. Where I live it always gets colder in Mid-October, so I have been noticing that a lot of people on campus are starting to break out the winter jackets, or sporting some warm mittens. In this post I will have some coats for different styles of fashion for both men and women, as well as where they can be purchased. Links are attached in the pictures as well as the words.

Men’s Jackets

Nike-Sweatless-3-4-Zip-Woven-Mens-Training-Jacket-543484_063_AMens Rocker

Men Fashion CoatMens Sporty Spice

Athletic Gear:Nike Training Jacket , Rocker:Urban Moto Jacket, Fashion:Urban Outfitters Peacoat, Sporty:  Express Basketball Jacket

Women’s Jackets

Womens AlternativeNike-Element-Shield-Womens-Running-Jacket-546677_702_AWomens MilFashion

Alternative: Urban Outfitters Wool Coat, Running: Nike Element Shield, Military: Anthropologie Wool Jacket , Trench: Pacsun Basic Peacoat

Hopefully you all enjoyed this post. Get excited for Wednesday’s DIY, it will be delicious! 🙂 Make sure you leave a comment down below, and give this post a like!



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