Roommate Etiquette

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Hey Everyone,

If you are planning to go to a University, chances are you are going to be rooming with a person that you don’t know at all. If you get as lucky as I did you will be friends forever, but some people have a really bad experience . Sometimes personality types clash or one of the roommates has a really annoying habit that just gets on your nerves. Here are a few of my tips, as well as some of my friends, on how to deal with your roommate situation.

Before arriving to college, my school actually sent out a survey on our interests and pet peeves. This is a really good way of matching people up with common interests, and it definitely worked in my favor. After learning who my roommate was I contacted her right away and we met up to get to know each other before school started. I think that everyone should try doing this, just to make sure that the person you are rooming with is a person you see yourself getting along with. Most schools will let you switch roommates before the semester starts just in case. When we got to school we sat down together and talked about a few things and set up some “rules” for our shared space. Somethings you should definitely talk about are: things you are willing to share (food,drinks, clothes ext.), what time you normally go to sleep, things that annoy you, just basic comfort things really. Your dorm room should be a space where you are able to relax and study as well as being comfortable. Also, don’t feel like you have to best friends or have to be a “baby-sitter” when they go out. You are responsible for yourself only. And, obviously, friendships are your choice.

Being a freshman, it was really hard going from having my own room and someplace to just get away, to having a shared space. But now being two months, I love being (sort of) independent. My roommate is one of my closest friends and I am so thankful that she isn’t crazy πŸ™‚ If worse comes to worse and you really can’t take it anymore, most Universities will let you change roommates at semester.And don’t feel bad if you do end up switching, but make sure you let them know before you move out. Just try to stick it out for the time that you are stuck them and make the best of it. I hope that this was helpful for you all, and if you are getting ready to go away to school I hope you take these tips into consideration. Comment down below, and tweet me for new ideas for Friday and next week! πŸ™‚



3 thoughts on “Roommate Etiquette

  1. I completely agree with your post. I too got to know my roommate before school started, which made move-in day a lot less awkward then it could have been. I think the advice you give is perfect for an upcoming freshman choosing a random roommate. One of my close friends didn’t get as lucky as me… At all. But, she is lucky enough to be switching to a different room with one of our new friends here, which is a great thing this, and most, Universities allow. Great tips and awesome post!

  2. That was really helpful! I completely agree that you if you don’t get along with a roommate, you have the option to move. I’m in that situation and may have to leave at the end of the semester, but for now, I’m just trying to stick it through!

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