Going to Market

Hey Everyone,

This past weekend my mom came to my university for a nice long visit. We did a few fun things around town like; looking at puppies (very dangerous considering they were so adorable), going out to eat at a local cafe, and eventually ending up at the local farmers market. There is something about a farmers market that makes me feel so at peace. There are so many colors, smells, and tastes that it  can sometimes be slightly overwhelming, but still the experience is delightful. It is nice seeing where your food comes from. You appreciate the time and effort put into the produce that is being sold. Anyway, here are some pictures from our day out.

IMG_20131006_120805 IMG_20131006_120637 IMG_20131006_120610 IMG_20131006_120536IMG_20131006_120901 IMG_20131006_120218

What are some things you like to do for fun around your town? : )



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