Welcome to my Dorm

Hey Everyone,

Since I did a few posts on what I was putting in my room at the beginning of August, I thought I should actually show you what my room looks like!


My side is on the right and my beautiful roommate Liz’s side is on the left. Liz strung up some Christmas lights around the top of our ceiling. Under her bed we have some bean bag chairs, and a little table where we store all our magazines. Under my bed was the t.v., fridge and microwave. Not included in the picture are our desks and chairs, and our closest. If you would like to see an updated room picture along with our desk organization, and closet organization please leave a comment. Also comment on what you would like to see on my next post Wednesday. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Welcome to my Dorm

  1. My first dorm room looked similar. One day we thought it’d be fun to push the lofts together and set up a tent on top. The rest of the room was decked with a camping theme, the microwave sat in the middle of the floor to emulate a campfire.

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