The things that we take for granted..

Hey Everyone,

Today was my first day of classes at university, which I thought would be super exciting. But something about today was off and I couldn’t exactly put my finger on it until I saw a huge sign that said “FIRST DAY OF COLLEGE: TAKE YOUR PHOTO HERE TO SEND TO YOUR PARENTS” in big bold letters in one of the buildings I was taking classes in. It took me back to my last first day of high school  when I was fighting my mom not to take our traditional first day of school picture that we had taken every year since I was in Kindergarten. I really didn’t think I’d miss forcing a tired smile and having a bright beam of light flash into my eyes. I didn’t think I’d miss having my mom wake me up a little earlier than usual just to say “have a good first day at school Han.” I never really thought I’d really miss anything from home, especially this early, but the truth is I’m really homesick. I guess we never really know what we have until it’s not there anymore. I miss my mom’s home-cooked meals, a crazy puppy, having my own bathroom, and giving hugs to my parents before I went to sleep. There are so many things that I took for granted back home. I am missing my family so much and I can’t wait to see them again.



One thought on “The things that we take for granted..

  1. I appreciated your honesty about homesickness because so many people go through that at the beginning of the year. Loved the imagery of first day of school pictures and how you pulled that in to things you don’t appreciate until they’re gone.

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