College Dorm Needs

Hey Everyone,

So today I am 22 days away from going to college, so I thought that it was time to start talking about back to school things. Over the past two months I have started buying things for my dorm room and for school. I think it’s safe to say I’m pretty excited, but I think that all freshman girls get excited to move in. I mean HELLO, what girl doesn’t like decorating. Here are a few things that I find important that I’ve gotten and where you can purchase them.


1. Recently I have been really into the geometric print, so when I saw this bed spread I freaked out. Not to mention it is in my favorite color. I purchased this spread in Target and it is apart of their Bullseye University Collection (check it out). All sheets and bed spreads are made to fit dorm beds, which are normally Twin XL. MAKE SURE YOU GET TWIN XL’s EVERYONE!

2.I’m not exactly sure how often I will be coming home so as a graduation present I received some laundry supplies as well as some towels. Things to keep in mind about college laundry: Don’t have all your dirty clothes laying around everywhere, buy a mesh laundry tote, have a good stain remover, and have some sort of detergent. The Tide PODS is a better alternative to carry around than a huge jug of detergent! I believe things in the basket are from Target. THANKS AMY! ❤

3. Any college student that has to use a community style bathroom/shower area NEEDS shower shoes. I seriously get so grossed out at the possibility of getting athletes foot or some type of infection. Do yourself a favor and get some. Mine were a dollar from Target.

4.This item is a shower caddy and it’s pretty much self explanatory. It is just easier/nicer to have something to carry all your shower needs. Mine is again from Target.. (Can you tell I am obsessed with Target yet?!)

5.This is an egg crate pad to make my dorm bed better to sleep on, might as well be comfortable. I got this through my college dorm catalog.

6. Nice things for your desk can make study time more enjoyable. I bought a few cute things for my desk to brighten up my day. The shoe tape dispenser and color tacks are from Target, the mustache pencil holder is from Earthbound Trading Co.

7.Eating utensils for when I don’t really want to eat in the Cafe from Target and TJMAXX.

8.Some comfort things, like tea, fluffy blankets, books, and movies for when you need to relax!

9. Lastly, storage space is a really great thing to have. This is a black hanging storage shelves to hang in my closet for just random things, maybe I’ll put my towels in it! Storage Rack from Target.

There you have it, a few of the things that I think will be pretty useful in college. Comment below on what you think I should add to my list or if you found this helpful! 🙂



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