Hey there,
So today has been one of those days were NOTHING seems to go right. These days are totally normal, I mean lets be honest not everyday is rainbows,  puppies, and butterflies! But ya know what, you just got to keep on pushing through! Sometimes we have to fill our day with things that take our mind somewhere else, and everyone’s way is diffrent. Some like to go for a run, some like to bake, some like to just talk to a computer,  in short we all have our ways of getting ourselves out of the bad mood mind set. What I like to do is write down all the good and positive things in my life. Its a great way to remind yourself all the positive things in your life outweight the negative. So here is my list of what I’m blessed to have.
1. A loving family who supports me.
2. A boyfriend who loves me unconditionally.
3.My health and a roof over my head
4.A few pets that make my day so much brighter.
5.And the good Lord in my heart.

Next yime you’re stressed out and having a bad day, take some time and just remind yourself about all the love and happiness that surrounds you! If you do make a list of what your thankful for please share a link to your blogs or leave a comment! 🙂 Share some positivity!



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