Universal Studios– Part 2


Hey everyone,

Here is part two to my Universal Studios experience and in this post I will be talking about the park as well as how to save money in the park! There are actually two parks within the Universal Studios property so I will also be comparing the differences between them. Let’s get started!

When you come to the park you will notice that th

e two parks are side by side! If you are looking for more of a theme park experience (roller coasters and such) definitely go to Island of Adventure. Inside Island of Adventure you will find will find a few different themed areas such as: Harry Potter World, Jurassic Park, Marvel Comics, Dr. Seuss children area, a random mythical themed place, and a few other cool parks. This park is filled with fun roller coasters as well as a few simulator rides. If you do get hungry while you are in this park you MUST go to The Three Broomsticks restaurant. It is the ONLY good place to eat in either of the parks, trust me. The ride you must go on is the ride inside

of the Harry Potter castle, it is seriously SO amazing. OH, and try the frozen butterbeer! 🙂

Moving on to the second park, Universal Studios Florida. This park is has one of the best roller coasters I have ever been on as well as some of the coolest simulator rides you will find. This park is all about film making to be honest, so if you are looking for tons of roller coasters and thriller rides this park is not the one for you. But the simulator rides are so much fun! There are also a lot of shows, so it is a great way to get out of the Florida Heat! The ride you must, must, MUST, go on is the Despicable Me ride! It is so cute and feels like you are on a roller coaster!

Now onto the money part. If you want to save major cash stay in one of the park hotels, you will save major bucks and receive great perks. One of the perks to these hotels is you get FREE fast passes, which is so nice when there is a twenty minute wait. Fast passes can be purchased in the park, but I am sure you don’t want to spend

$90 per person for one.Another way to save money if bringing your own food, unlike Disney the parks are very laid back when it comes to bringing in your own food and drinks. I saw a lady with a roller cooler packed with food while we were there. Park food is not cheap, and most is not quality food. BRING YOUR OWN.

Hopefully you all found this helpful! Comment down below if you have questions about my experience! 🙂




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