Universal Studios– Part 1

My parents decided that since I was graduating that for my present we would all go to Universal Studios to go to HARRY POTTER WORLD! And let me tell you it was definitely one of the best trips I had ever had! We crammed ourselfves into my van with all of our luggage and drove all the way to Orlando Florida!
My parents booked our hotel stay inside the Universal Studios at the Lowes Royal Pacific Hotel, that was one of the best decisions on their part. The hotel was fabulous and so was all the staff. All guests staying in any of the hotels on the Universal property recive FREE fast passes. Yes, I did say free! It as super nice espessially when there is a 20 minute wait line for a ride. Also the rooms were so cozy and nice! Another nice thing about the resort is the pools right outside. They are super clean and very refreshing after a long day in a hot theme park. Make sure you swim at night, the resort has a big veiwing screen where the play kid movies at around 8 or 9! Now the food at the hotel is pretty pricy BUT you get what you pay for, it is delightful and isn’t as hard on your stomach as all the fried foods you will find in the parks. But enough about the hotel. Tune in for part two where I tell you about the park and tips on how to save major cash! 🙂



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