In the beginning


To anyone who might be reading this, HI my name is Hannah! I am a newly graduated high school student, and soon to be college freshman. That sounds a lot scarier than I thought it would. It is really hard to believe that I am closing a really big chapter in my life. A chapter that I have been writing for myself with the help of my parents for 18 years. My childhood years are gone now, and soon it will be time to face the real world. Something that I find strange is that we spend 18 years of our lives with our parents. They fill us with all this knowledge and wisdom of the world and all it’s dangers, all the things to look forward to, and the things that will potentially become huge bumps in the road. All of a sudden our parents push us out of the nest, with no guarantee that their advice to us will stick. Us kids are forced to grow up and experience all these new things that will shape our futures and no two stories are the same. During my graduation party people would come up to me saying “Wow.. Hannah you look so grown up!” or “So you are going to be a college freshman, that is so exciting!!”. Really? Because to me it sounds absolutely terrifying! I don’t really know if I am ready to be all grown up yet, and I know that 18 seems so young to those of you who are way past that age. But to me it seems old, only because it is new territory for me. This is where my blog comes in, I want to document my journey of this new chapter in my life. I want to be able to look back and see all the things I have went through, kind of like a journal I suppose. I want to travel, see the world, and have this new chapter be all about this strange but spectacular journey that I am about to set off on. Hopefully some of you will join me on this and we can share our stories together. I guess that all things have to start somewhere, right?





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